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Pure spa bliss at our Beauty & Vitality hotel

Place yourself in the hands of our beauty and spa experts and let them pamper you with the spa best products, wonderful treatments and massages. Are you in need of a manicure, a full-body peeling or perhaps an amazing luxury treatment? Our staff will be pleased to consult which individual cosmetic or spa treatment program best suites your needs and guide you to an “oasis of the senses.” The one-person whirlpool with fresh water is pure relaxation after a long and active day in the mountains. Treat yourself to a bath that bubbles with vitality!

"Give each day the chance to become the best of your life" (Mark Twain)

Custom treatments

Custom treatments

Special treatments
Maria Galand

Special treatments
Maria Galand

Beautyful hands, feet and hair | Body treatments

Beautyful hands, feet and hair | Body treatments

Luxury-Treatment "Trilogie" 
LA Stone | Packages

Luxury-Treatment "Trilogie"
LA Stone | Packages

Perfect individual treatments

With the top quality products and versatile treatment programs from Maria Galland. The treatments are individually tailored to meet the needs for your particular complexion.


Classic facial | approx. 60 min. € 69,-

Cleansing, tonique, eyebrow shaping, mask, massage, care cream


Facial for him | approx. 60 min. € 71,-

Cleansing, tonique, peeling, facial and eye mask, pressure point massage, finishing care


Revolutionäres Liftingverfahren mit sofort sichtbaren Verjüngungs-Effekten.Nu Skin - the difference demonstrated.


Nu Skin | ca. 20 min only € 35,–

This revolutionary facial treatment "irons" your facial wrinkles! Cleansing, ampules, smoothing and finishing care included.


1 classic Nu Skin facial treatment  
+ 2 additional Nu Skin treatments | € 132,–

The classic Nu Skin treatment includes cleansing, peeling, "Nu Skin" treatment, massage and finishing care.

Special Maria Galland treatments

Modelling mask treatment | approx. 60 min € 79,–

Power active ingredients that penetrate the skin. Self-heating mineral mask that supplies important minerals to literally every square inch of your face.


Thalasso facial treatment | approx. 60 min € 69,–

Ideal for those in need of a large dose of wellness. This power treatment origins from the ocean and contains brown and micro algae extracts and ensures a lasting moisturizing effect.


Cocoon mask treatment | approx. 80 min € 90,–

An energy strategy based on the leading massage techniques that harmonize with wisdoms from Japan and China. Enjoy a treatment with active ingredient ampoule, mask and foam wrapping your face like a butterfly cocoon.


Eye zone modelling | approx. 25 min € 33,–

Tired eyes wake up. Intensive care treatment for the sensitive areas around the eyes, reducing wrinkles and lines. Ideal in combination with a facial treatment. Combined with facial € 26,-


Pro lifting treatment | approx. 80 min € 90,–

Pro-lifting treatment with overall effect. The high-performance active ingredients with multi-fruit extracts stimulate cell renewal, and the moisturizing thermal water and a collagen caviar mask can penetrate deep into the skin, where they take targeted action to counter loss of skin firmness.


Special treatments
Maria Galand

Groomed hands, feet and hair


Facial for him | approx. 60 min. € 71,–

Manicure de Luxe with hand massage € 40,–

Manicure with gel polish € 50,–

Lack € 5,–


Pedicure de Luxe with foot whirlbath € 45,–


  • Upper lip € 12,-
  • Full legs € 55,-
  • Chin € 10,-
  • Bikini zone € 20,-
  • Upper lip € 12,-
  • Under arms € 20,-
  • Half legs € 35,-
  • Arms € 20,-


Wimpern färben € 9,–

Color eyebrows € 8,–

Color eyelashes and eyebrows € 16,–

Eyebrow shaping € 7,–

Body treatments

Experience the healing power of the oceans. It contains vital elements for health and beauty, micronutrients, proteins and vitamins. Enjoy the ocean and its cornucopia of algae and other substances skin deep.


Sea salt full-body peeling | approx. 20 min € 26,–

Sea sal peeling combined with precious vegetable oils removes dead and dry skin cells.


Algae body pack
with peeling approx. 55 min € 59,– 
without peeling approx. 40 min € 45,–

100% pure, natural, micro pulverized algae with a cleansing, moisturizing and deacidifying effect. Increases metabolism and act mineralizing.


Chalk pack 
with peeling approx. 55 min € 59,– 
without peeling approx. 40 min € 45,–

Chalk helps sooth rheumatic conditions and joint pains. Acts naturally vitalizing for body functions.

Superlative spa experience

Let us swoosh you away to a 1001-style fairytale spa experience. The bathing ritual begins with a warm essence steam bath, which is followed by a soap foam brush massage on the aqua veda lounge. Afterwards you are embraced bay the warm waves of a scented whirl bath. As finale, enjoy a short precious oil body and facial massage.


For 1 person approx. 75 min. € 83,–
For 2 persons approx. 90 min. € 119,–


Luxury-Treatment "Trilogie" 
LA Stone | Packages

Deep relaxation and wellness through the power of the stones

This holistic intensive massage origins with the Native Americans in the Arizona region. It begins with a body rub with essential oils and then hot lava stones are placed along the energy lines of the body. The heat from the stones are transfered to the body, causing the muscles to relax and relieving tensions. The therapist then alternates between hot and cold stones, which has stimulating effects on the immune system, dissolves tensions, and detoxes the entire body. The alterations between hot and cold boosts the circulation, creating energy and vitality. This is a treatment that benefits the whole body as well as the mind.

For 1 person approx. 75 min. € 98,–

Jenny's Schlössl Spa Packages

Beauty luxury week | € 195,–

1 Maria Galland facial

1 full body peeling

1 algae pack

1 manicure de luxe

2 coins for the whirlpool

Daily grind adieu | € 105,–


1 classic facial

1 lash and brow color

1 organic hand pack

1 coin for the whirlpool

Spa and beauty treatments

Treat yourself to a bath that bubbles with vitality!

Tip! Our spa and beauty treatment appointment are limited and we get booked out on some days. We therefore recommend you to reserve your favorite treatments as soon as possible – ideally already when booking your room. This way nothing can stand in the way of lovely spa bliss after a long day skiing…

  • Wellness at the highest level
    Wellness at the highest level
  • Professional staff
    Professional staff
  • Relax and enjoy!
    Relax and enjoy!