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in Serfaus on the Tyrolean sunny plateau!

Jenny's Schlössl is now offering even more space for spa and wellness: in addition to the infrared cabin, the Finnish sauna, the organic sauna and the herbal steam bath we have added a tower sauna and a brine grotto on the top floor.

Now you can choose according to your own needs and preferences from a great variety of saunas to let your every day stress go up in smoke ...

Turkish steam bath and herbal steam bath (40 – 43 ° C)


Our two steam baths are another popular spa “hot spot”. The herbal steam bath is used with a wide variation of herbs and the Turkish steam bath offers an oriental breeze. The gentle heat and high humidity positively affect the circulatory system, metabolism and complexion.

The humid warmth is especially pleasant when you are suffering from rheumatic problems, colds or digestive disorders. Let your body be wrapped in a wonderfully scented steam cloud – inhale, exhale and relax!


Herbal Sauna 35 – 60 ° C


The herbal sauna is considered to be the gentle alternative to the hot and dry Finnish sauna. It combines the healthy effects of sauna and steam bath, with temperatures never exceeding 55-60°C. With a regulated humidity of around 40% you will find a particularly gentle and soothing climate to relax and feel good.

The inhalation of herbal essences has a revitalizing and relieving effect. It increases metabolism and gently clarifies the complexion. What a great way to end the day!




Enjoy the beautiful view on Serfaus: up on the top floor, right next to the panorama pool and across from the infrared brine grotto, is the new outdoor sauna shaped like a tower. Welcome to enjoy a traditional sauna atmosphere Finnish style. That includes extremely dry air, high temperatures, regular infusions – and of course the quick cooling afterwards.

Sauna-goers can also enjoy the lovely panoramic views of Serfaus and the surrounding mountains.

What a great way to end the day!




A brine lounge with infrared heat radiators? It may sound bizarre first but it is a true health oasis! The natural healing power of salt has been known for thousands of years. Infrared radiation is a natural source of heat and really supports our wellbeing. You can find our new infrared brine lounge directly next to the panorama pool on the roof. The totally newly-styled lounge is a treat for the lungs and the whole respiratory system. Take a seat and let yourself be pampered by the healthy brine and the warming infrared rays.

The inhalation of the mineral air, enriched with essential oils, is cleaning and regenerative. Also the immune system is strengthened against colds and infectious diseases. Furthermore, the special bio climate and the cosy atmosphere in the lounge are highly relaxing.


Relaxing in between

Holidays from everyday life means relaxing and forgetting the stress and noise of our daily routine. As a spa hotel in Serfaus, we paid special attention to creating generous relaxing areas. You will find various relax zones, spread all over our spa area on different floors, offering state of the art equipment.

All around our water world our guests find a large variety of sunbeds to relax. During the cold winter time, you’ll find plenty of relaxation zones in the indoor area.

  • The new resting room on the upper floor
    The new resting room on the upper floor
  • Relaxing area at the brine relax pool
    Relaxing area at the brine relax pool
  • Relax in our waterbeds
    Relax in our waterbeds
  • The tea kitchen and the tea garden
    The tea kitchen and the tea garden

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